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Freeze dry machines have been used by progressive taxidermists for many years for the production of realistic, high quality mounts. Freeze Dry Specialties has worked closely within the industry and with university level taxidermy departments to develop the unique Taxi-Dry system.

Taxi-Dry is the right size at an affordable price for the broad range of taxidermists. It is a reliable and predictable system which operates quietly on 110 Volt current for less than a dollar per day.

The Taxi-Dry process is best suited for the smaller mounts, small fowl, turkey heads, snakes, lizards can be processed in as little as seven to ten days with minimal attention. Larger items take somewhat longer but, with proper preparation and attention to detail, the result are more than worth it.

For the first time, taxidermists can enter new and profitable markets such as pet preservation to broaden the reach of their business.

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