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Freeze Dry Water Damage Restoration

Frozen water-damaged X-ray files are easily loaded into the freeze drying chamber.

The freeze dry process is enjoying remarkable growth in the disaster recovery, water damage restoration and exhibit maintenance markets. No other process can arrest the deterioration of water damaged documents, books, manuscripts and cloth goods, then restore them to virtually their original condition by extracting moisture to the cellular level with minimal swelling, warping or fading of the material.

Disaster teams use the freeze dry process to rescue rare books, legal documents and x-rays following fires and floods. They find it effective, affordable and profitable to offer their services to insurance companies, libraries, records storage houses, universities, hospitals, banks or any concern with irreplacable archives or exhibits.

Freeze Dry Specialties has been the pioneer in the research and development of the water damage restoration market. In addition to our proven freeze dry systems, we offer the restoration industry patented consumables for document preservation and floor protection.
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