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Museum Water Damage Restoration

"The Ultra-Dry 1800 is a very useful and efficient freeze dry machine for conservation treatments in a museum context.

I’ve processed a variety of fragile objects through my Freezedry Specialties system including archaeological water-logged wood and leather. Finished objects show minimal shrinkage and I am able to easily program the temperature cycle to suit the mass and material being processed.

In addition, we use the machine for materials research and generate quantitative data by using the internal temperature probe to monitor the final moisture content of the object being dried.

Our machine was key to the successful reclamation of several 19th century books rescued from a leaking time capsule. We were skeptical because these books were extremely brittle even when wet. The process worked, and allowed them to be prepared for display and they could be carefully handled without further damage.

We also like the design which is easy to clean and maintain. Best of all, the people at Freezedry Specialties are there when I need them for technical support and they’re always ready to help when I call."

Paul Storch
Objects Conservator
St. Paul, Minnesota


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