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What Freezedry Specialties Users Have to Say

"We received our ARA-1800RVT Floral Freeze Dryer from Freezedry Specialties, Inc. on August 7, 2001 and began the freeze dry process almost immediately. We found the machine to be user friendly and with telephone help from Deb, we turned out a beautiful product.

We continued to have success in freeze drying during our first year and finally in September 2002, we found time to attend one of Janet Hicks' seminars in North Carolina. By using her techniques we are now proceeding with more innovative and cost effective methods for the freeze drying aspect of our business. We found the cost to attend the seminar to be money well spent.

We wanted a product to complement our wedding business and have finally found what we were looking for in the freeze drying industry. We have gradually expanded our business and have found freeze drying revenues rapidly approaching our number one profit center.

Thanks for manufacturing a piece of equipment that is economical to operate and is virtually maintenance free. And of course, it produces a great finished product.

– Betty Downey-Wise, Wedding Design Studio, Louisiana

"I have owned my Floral Dry since 1997. It works! Our business had been floral preservation with silica gel since 1992 with a niche in retail marketing of specialty floral designs. For health reasons and the need for a higher quality, long lasting product, we explored the world of freeze-drying. We decided on the Floral Dry by Freezedry Specialties because of its efficiency and affordability compared to others. The staff at Freezedry Specialties is very gracious and helped us become proficient."

Terry Frost, Sweet Fragrance, California

"Four years ago I began thinking on how to preserve flowers, I started to experiment with some different processes. None of them produced the quality I was looking for. In Ecuador we have a wide variety of beautiful flowers, but there was no process that could dry them preserving the original characteristics of these flowers.

I looked for different types of equipment that could dry the flowers but couldn't find one that gives a high quality product, until I found Freezedry Specialties. When I first got in touch with them I received great support, a lot of information and a feeling of confidence because of the high technological level of the Floral Dry system.

Now I am beginning an export business with good opportunities thanks to Freezedry Specialties and their people always willing to help."

Patricio Valdez, Quito, Ecuador

"I would personally like to thank you for all your help. I have been freeze-drying since November 1998. Prior to freeze-drying I was using silica gel that began to affect my health. I greatly enjoy my freeze-dryers; I am very pleased with the results especially considering I had no hands on training. Your staff has been outstanding and has always been happy to help me. Considering the miles between us, that is very comforting to me. It is hard to find dedicated people this day and time. Your customer service from day one was the reason I went with FSI and I have no regrets.

Again, I thank you for all your help and for making my business better than ever. I look forward to a continual relationship with you all and may God Bless you all."

Janet Hicks, Memories Forever, North Carolina

"My business has increased every year since my purchase in 1997. I have picked up funerals I didn't expect to get, and I am also doing customers' entire homes with flower swags, wreaths, bouquets, etc. My Floral-Dry is always full and I plan to add a second machine. For four years, I preserved flowers in silica gel and had respiratory problems, but not any more, not since I made the investment in my Floral Dry system from Freezedry Specialties."

Desiree Goetz, Always Always, Georgia

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