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Floral Freeze-Drying is One of Today’s Most Viable Business Opportunities

Most business opportunities are labor-intensive or require a hard sell. Return on investment is, at best, a wish and a hope. Our freeze dry machines operate virtually unattended and produce colorful, supple floral products which sell themselves either as your own decorative creation or a client’s sentimental keepsake.

Our machines are designed for minimal energy consumption and ease of maintenance, plus we have eliminated any need for you to be exposed to any harmful chemicals at all. So, your day to day operating costs are relatively low when compared to the profits that can be realized immediately from your unique floral products.

Just Look at the Numbers
You have absolute control of the pricing of your work at any level your market will allow. Our years of experience and the broad experience of our many satisfied and successful freeze-dry machine owners world wide permit us to present a range of potential revenue that can be generated in the floral freeze-dry marketplace.

Freeze Dried Floral Arrangements
6 wedding Arrangements $100 - $350 each
3 funeral Arrangements $75 - $250 each
4 wedding cake Tops $75 - $250 each

Prospective Monthly Income $1,100 - $3,500

These are just three examples of the many mementos and creations, even potpourri, that can be permanently preserved by the freeze dry process. This revenue is "per chamber" and up to three 18" x 30" chambers can be combined on one vacuum pump for added savings and product capacity.

Here are Seven Reasons to Own a Freeze-Dry Business
1) Minimal up-front costs
2) Immediate profits on unattended operation
3) Ease of use and toll free access to knowledgeable customer service personnel
4) Minimal inventory requirements
5) Profitable non-floral markets can be tapped
6) Low energy consumption
7) Environmentally friendly and safe, no chemicals are required

Once you make the decision to enter the Floral-Dry business, there are a number of ways to get the word out. The product speaks for itself in its quality and beauty and prople will want to talk about it.

Here are Seven Ways to Promote your Floral Freeze-Dry Business
1) Educate local florists about the added lasting value that they can offer their fresh flower patrons through your service.
2) Exhibit at bridal fairs
3) Present your service to floral, grain and produce exhibitors at county and state fairs
4) Exhibit at community craft shows
5) Offer samples for window and interior displays at department stores in return for referrals
6) Network in your local chambers of commerce and service clubs.
7) Offer arrangements to your place of worship

Freeze-drying offers you a world of opportunities, so the next step is for you to contact a knowledgeable and friendly customer service person at Freeze Dry Specialties. Just call 1-800-362-8380 anytime, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm US Central Standard Time (GMT - 5 Summer, GMT -6 Winter).

We’ll get answers to your questions and help you determine whether a Floral-Freeze Dry business is right for you.

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