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The Freezedry Specialties Floral Gallery

Freeze-Dried Wedding bouquet with a photo of the Bride and Groom Freeze-Dried Wedding cake top with freeze-dried flowers on top Jewel box with small freeze dried floral arrangement Freeze Dried Bridal bouquet in a wood & glass case
Freeze-dried Memorial bouquet with stone fish A small porcelain dog is the focal point for this freeze-dried memorial bouquet that includes personal items including a pocketknife and watch. A freeze-dried Bridal bouquet with the wedding invitation under a glass dome. A freeze-dried Bridal bouquet in a wooden oval frame under a glass dome.
Freeze-dried Memorial piece honoring a war veteran. Freeze-dried arrangement honoring the mayor of the city. Vase of freeze-dried flowers. Freeze-dried wedding Bouquet (15" octagon).
Pillow Memorial Cross with freeze-dried roses Freeze-dried memorial piece (Bluegrass Musician). Freeze-dried memorial piece for a child, with poem Patriotic Dome with freeze-dried flowers and ferns

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