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Freeze-Drying Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any scientists on staff?
Yes, our chief scientist has over 25 years experience in the design, certification and use of freeze dry machines for many applications.

What special qualifications do I need to operate a freeze dry machine?
No special qualifications are needed to operate our machine. We’ve taken a complex design and engineered it into a simple package. We’ve designed a freeze dry machine that is easy to operate. In fact, it will do exactly what you expect it to do because this repeatable process is managed by a simple computer control.

What type of training can I get?
A video featuring detailed set-up and operating instructions is included with the purchase of a freeze dryer. Additional training in the use and operation of the machine and product opportunities is available from Freeze Dry Specialties. Plus, we’re as close as your phone via our toll free number (800-362- 8380) if you ever hit a snag.

How will I know when my product is completely dry?
Depending on the size of the arrangement, a Floral-Dry freeze dryer completes its cycle in an average of seven to ten days. A running log with allotted time projections is included with the training video. A simple process tells you when your product is dry to the cellular level.

Where will I find my customers?
Of the many ways to promote a business, "show and tell" works best with Floral-Dry freeze drying. People in contact with flowers are thrilled to see how the process works and your name will spread by word of mouth. Elsewhere on this site, we have included a list of "Seven Ways to Build Your Floral-Dry Business". Otherwise, traditional business promotions are no more complicated with a Floral-Dry business than with any other business.

What other materials or tools will I need?
As you expand your customer base, it is a good idea to have a conventional freezer to stage your pending loads in. A simple tool kit including wire cutters is a necessity. You will want to have items like wire and foam block on hand and you may later specialize with certain types of display boxes or frames. Other items like wreaths and glass bowls can be bought as needed at a retail or wholesale craft outlet.

What kind of start up costs should I expect?
Outside of the machine cost and your initial advertising, there are no other up front expenses. If you plan to produce your own designs, you would have a modest outlay for the raw materials.

Other questions?
Just drop a note to
Freezedry Email or call us on our toll free number at 1-800-362-8380. We’ll get you the answers you need to see if a Floral-Dry business is right for you.

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