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The Freezedry Specialties Story

Who Stands Behind Your Freezedry Specialties, Inc. Purchase?
Freezedry Specialties was founded by Alan Anger, President and CEO, in 1992. With over a quarter century of professional experience in the freeze-drying industry, Alan's background in freeze-drying is built on over 25 years of experience with a major international pharmaceutical company, many years in the biotechnical field applying freeze-dry technology to animal vaccine serums, and he continues to serve these industries as an independent consultant. The offices for Freezedry Specialties, Inc. are located in Princeton, Minnesota, just north of Minneapolis.

Freezedry Specialties' main focus for success has been on the research and development of its freeze-drying units. Freezedry Specialties, Inc. machines are built to be affordable, energy-efficient and to produce quality results with ease and simplicity.

The staff at Freezedry Specialties, Inc. is dedicated to helping you achieve your intended results. All equipment is easy to use and any questions can be answered by calling the Freezedry Specialties toll-free number at 1-800-362-8380.

From the Ice Age to the Space Age:
Advanced Technology in a Usable Package

Though it looks simple on the outside, the technology within consists of space age design with a melding of components including borosilicate glass, a refrigerated vapor trap and a direct-drive rotary vane vacuum pump, connected by aircraft aluminum and polymer seals which prohibit vacuum leaks and create the negative pressure needed for flawless freeze-dried production. Freezedry Specialties has patents pending on many of these system features and operation along with other products and innovations it has developed. All of these features are designed for years of trouble-free use.

You can be assured that every Freezedry Specialties freeze-dryer is tested prior to shipment. All components are warranted for one full year and extended warranty plans also are available.

The modular design of the freeze-dry unit also makes it is easier to ship or move if you desire mobility, making it easy to operate in any location.


Contact us at:
Freezedry Email

Freezedry Specialties, Inc.
4875 70th Avenue

Princeton, Minnesota 55371 USA
Phone: 763-389-2299
Fax: 763-389-2499


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